Monday, February 14, 2005

I saw shining lights, but I never knew they were you...

The first song is "They Were You" taken from the Original Cast Album of The Fantasticks. In an interview with Terry Gross (Fresh Air) five years ago exactly, on Valentine's Day, Stephin says:

"I think my favorite love song at the moment is 'They Were You' from the Fantasticks, the show, the longest running show in theatre history...

I heard it as a kid, but it was reintroduced to me in a romantic situation...and I've used that as a template for 'good love song.'"

He even honors Terry's request to sing a bit from it (start listening at the 7 min 23 sec mark). Also, recall that the Magnetic Fields track, "I Don't Believe You," features the line, "You may sing me 'They Were You,' and I start crying halfway through."

"The Saddest Story Ever Told" on The Wayward Bus very obviously borrows the main melody of "Then He Kissed Me," which epitomizes Phil Spector's distinctive "Wall of Sound," with every instrument and voice fighting for attention. On the topic of recording, Merritt says:

"As a producer, I'm not looking for a 'realistic' effect. I like Phil Spector and ABBA records because they aren't striving for realism. I can't hear individual instruments, just the notes."


Anonymous pato said...

i cant believe you open this blog the very same day (i forgot it was valentine -im lonely) i enter the stephinsongs site just to see if you had some information of merritt mentionning "they were you" on "i dont believe you". that songs onlin now. im scared. seriously. thank you. are you me? pato.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Rusty said...

Love Is Like JazzDon't forget also "Love Is Like Jazz" where the line goes "so you flaunt your mistakes and you make them until they were you."

Rusty Spell.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Ernest said...

Pato: My network of spies has once again served me well. *grin*

Rusty: Thanks - I never picked up on that before...

12:02 PM  

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